Our Investment Criteria

Our equity investments are personal, as we invest our own capital and dedicate significant time and resources to each company with which we partner to create enduring value over the long term. We are highly selective when it comes to selecting our partners. We look to invest in businesses that demonstrate the following criteria:

Performance Metrics

  • Recurring revenue (>$10 million)
  • Stable track record of profitability
  • Gross margins > 30%
  • EBITDA $1 to 8 million ( >10% margin, preference for >15%)
  • Return on Equity > 30% of equity capital deployed
  • Demonstrated history of positive cash generation


  • Eastern half of the U.S.
  • Will consider investments in the Northern Rockies

Qualitative Metrics

  • High quality managers with a proven track record of success
  • Sustainable competitive advantages or niche
  • Unique or proprietary manufacturing processes
  • Proprietary sourcing capabilities
  • Unique or advantageous distribution capability or strategy
  • Best in class service capabilities or other value-add
  • Clearly defined paths for growth

Industry Sectors

We are industry agnostic, but tend to focus on established businesses within the following sectors. We do not invest in start-up or early-stage businesses.

  • Branded food and consumer packaged goods
  • Engineered industrial components sold B2B
  • Manufactured commercial & consumer products
  • Building products and materials
  • Distribution, logistics and other outsourced business services
  • Aerospace
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial minerals and metals
  • Packaging
  • Rubber and plastics
Does your business align with what we do?